Step 1 - Open the photo filter editor

You can access the photo filter editor from your Brand Book page by clicking on the photo filter tile you would like to edit.

Step 2 - Edit your photo filter

Once inside the photo filter editor, you can begin adjusting your photo filter. There are a few different styles available for you to pick from.


This option takes two colors and superimposes them on top of each other creating a contrasting image. 

With duotone selected, you can now choose the two colors to be superimposed over each other by clicking the color dots that appear under the duotone drop-down menu.


This option adds a layer of color on top of your original photo, giving your photo a tint of the selected color. 

You can choose the color to overlay by clicking the color dot under the overlay drop-down menu.

Step 3 - Name your photo filter

Once your filter is ready you should give it a name in order to help organize your brand filters. This is the name that will be used on your Brand Book page as well as in menus throughout BrandBuilder. You can always come back later and change it as needed.


Open your dashboard and get started.

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