Step 1 - Open the color editor

You can access the color editor from your Brand Book page by clicking on the color tiles themselves or the edit pencil icon located under the color header.

Step 2 - Edit your color palette

Once inside the color palette editor, you can begin adjusting your color palette. There are a few different ways to adjust your color palette.

Select a color using the color picker

Clicking on the text in the middle of the color tile you wish to edit will open the color picker.

Once the color picker is open, you can find any color you wish to use.

Enter HEX codes

If you have a specific HEX code you would like to use you can simply enter it in the HEX code text box. To edit this text simply click on the hex you would like to change and type in your custom HEX code.

Add and remove colors from your palette

You can add and remove colors from your palette by clicking on the "+" and "-" icons seen on the left and right side of the color editor dialog.

Once you're done editing click the "done" button at the bottom of the dialog.


Open your dashboard and get started.

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