Step 1 - Open the Logo Editor

You can access the Logo Editor from the Overview page by clicking on your logo at the top of the page. You will then see a pop-up menu with "Logo" and "Background". You will want to click on "Logo" to open the editor.

You can also access the Logo Editor from your Brand Book page by simply clicking on the logo itself or the edit pencil icon located under the Logo header.

Step 2 - Style your text

Click on the text you wish to change to reveal the text controls. From here you have a few style options available.

Change size

To change the size of your text, click and drag on the arrow icon in the lower right corner of the text control to resize.

*Adjusting the size of your text is only available when you have multiple objects in your logo.

Change letter spacing

To change the space between the letters in your logo, click and drag on the double arrow control in the middle at the bottom of the text control.

Change typeface

Click on the typeface menu in the editor panel to open the typeface menu.

From here you can browse a variety of typeface styles to find the best match for your brand.

Change typeface weight

In addition to exploring typefaces, you can also change the weight of each typeface to be either a thinner or bolder weight. You do this by opening the weight menu that appears under the typeface menu in the editor panel.

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