You can add your own photos to any asset in BrandBuilder that includes a background layer.

Step 1 - Open an Asset Editor dialog

Click on the asset you wish to add your photo to in order to open the Asset Editor dialog. For this example, we will edit the Social Banner Image.

*You can open an Asset Editor dialog on the Overview page or on the Asset page, by clicking on the asset you wish to edit.

Once open, you will look for the "Background" section title at the top of the editor panel.

Click the link that says "Select a different photo".

This will open your Photo Library dialog. From here you can swap out images already in use, search for a new photo, or upload your own photo. To upload a new photo, click the upload icon in the upper right corner of the Photo Library dialog.

Locate the image you wish to upload on your computer and click "open".



Open your dashboard and get started.

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