Sharing your brand with colleagues and vendors is the only way to ensure your brand's look and feel stays consistent across all of your touch points. BrandBuilder makes sharing your brand super easy.

Step 1 - Open the Share dialog

To open the Share dialog, click the "Share" button in the right corner of the navigation bar.

Step 2 - Choose which page to share

You can share your Brand Overview page or your Brand Book page. 

The Overview page

The Overview page is a high-level snapshot of your brand's look and feel. This page is great for sharing with people to give a rich visual sense of your brand's unique style. For example, this would be helpful when working with Graphic Designers on evolving a brand you may have created yourself early on, or even for Graphic Designers themselves to use when presenting ideas to clients.

The Brand Book page 

The Brand Book page is the one location where you and your team will always know your current brand and associated resources live. This page is extremely important for your brand and will allow everyone to access your most up-to-date brand assets. This page is great to share with vendors, such as printers and advertisers to ensure your brand is represented accurately.

Step 3 - Choose your share destination

You can choose to share your brand on a variety of social media platforms, or via your custom link to copy and paste into emails.

For each destination, we provide a preview of how your shared post will look, just to help make sure everything looks great.

You can also customize the text for your post to make it uniquely yours.

Step 4 - Share!

Once you are ready click the Share button at the bottom of the dialog to launch the post window for whichever platform you've chosen. This will pre-populate your post with all of your custom BrandBuilder settings.


Open your dashboard and get started.

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