Step 1 - Open the pattern editor

You can access the pattern filter editor from your Brand Book page by clicking on the pattern tile you would like to edit.

Step 2 - Edit your pattern

Once inside the pattern editor, you can begin adjusting your pattern. There are a variety of ways you can customize your pattern.

Select a graphic

Clicking on the "Select a different graphic" link will open the brand graphic picker. From here you will see your primary graphics, including your logo and monogram, as well as the option to search for new graphics or upload your own. 


To edit the colors used in your pattern you can click the color dot associated with the color you wish to change. We have broken the colors out into foreground and background.


Adjusting the ratio slider will create contrasting size graphics in your pattern. Every other graphic will be affected.


Adjusting the size slider increases the size of the graphics in your pattern universally.  


Adjusting the offset slider will shift the position of every other graphic horizontally in your pattern. If set to 100% the graphics will sit on top of each other, minimizing the amount of graphics used in your pattern.


Adjusting the rotation slider will rotate every graphic in your pattern.

Offset rotation

Adjusting the rotation slider will rotate every other graphic in your pattern.


Adjusting the outline slider will increase or decrease the thickness of the stroke around your graphic. Sliding all the way to the left will remove the stroke entirely.


Adjusting the decay slider will randomly remove a certain amount of graphics in the pattern, creating a more interesting and dynamic pattern. 

Step 3 - Name your pattern

Once your pattern is ready you should give it a name in order to help organize your brand patterns. This is the name that will be used on your Brand Book page as well as in menus throughout BrandBuilder. You can always come back later and change it as needed.


Open your dashboard and get started.

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