Step 1 - Open the gradient editor

You can access the gradient editor from your Brand Book page by clicking on the gradient tile you would like to edit.

Step 2 - Edit your gradient

Once inside the gradient editor, you can begin adjusting your gradient. There are a few different ways to adjust your gradient.

Change the angle

You can change the angle of your gradient by clicking on the white circle in the gradient field and dragging it around the large outer ring. The angle of your gradient will be reflected by the large type inside of the ring.

Change the colors

You can change the colors used in your gradient by clicking the color dots on the gradient slider in the editor panel. This will adjust the proximity of the colors to each other in your gradient.

Add colors

You can add colors to your gradient by clicking the "+" icon next to the gradient slider in the editor panel. This will allow you to choose colors from your brand color palette.

Remove colors

You can remove colors by clicking on the color circle you wish to delete on the gradient slider. This will open the color picker menu, which has a "remove this color" button at the bottom. This will remove your color.

*A gradient must have at least two colors, so you won't be able to delete a color unless you have at least three colors.

Step 3 - Name your gradient

Once your gradient is ready you should give it a name in order to help organize your brand gradients. This is the name that will be used on your Brand Book page as well as in menus throughout BrandBuilder. You can always come back later and change it as needed.


Open your dashboard and get started.

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